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I will help you with every step - to find your ideal next career move; to be successful and happy.

Career Quest is your own career coaching programme via a highly interactive app.

You can enjoy full access to the on-line coaching programme for just $19.99 per month, or for just $119.99 per month you have full access to the programme plus 1 - 1 coaching with me as you need it throughout the programme. (This is incredible value, my coaching programmes usually start from $3,000!)

This programme is ideal for:

·      Those who feel “stuck in a rut” and don’t know what they want from their work.

·      People who are planning a career change.

·      Individuals who haven’t found their ideal career or role – yet.

·      Anyone considering starting their own business or becoming self-employed but don't know where to start.

·      People who want to spend more time on the things they love and less time on the things they hate.

·      People who want to ensure their work is fulfilling and they are achieving their full potential.

·      People working alone who miss bouncing ideas off colleagues.

·      Improving confidence and personal impact throughout the career search.

·      Accelerating your career success.


This programme is for those who haven’t found or pursued their ideal career or business yet! (Most clients have no idea where to start at the beginning of this programme.)

The Career Quest programme includes:

·      Clarity on your personal goals for the programme.

·      Finding a support buddy and access to a community of fellow Career Questers who are following the programme too!

·      Increased level of self awareness to establish your strengths, values and aspirations.

·      Identifying the reasons for current dissatisfaction.

·      Analysis of what is required to satisfy your core values.

·      Your own career values grid which you can use to identify which career roles would be the best fit and most fulfilling for you.

·      Developing career options to explore.

·      Encouragement and motivation to complete your success plan.

·      How to ensure your new role is right for you, and when to move on.

·      Ongoing support and motivation throughout the recruitment/launch process.


The wonderful thing about this on-line programme is that you can access it via a simple highly interactive app. Whenever you have a few spare minutes you can take another step towards your ideal career. Most people achieve success in around 30 days, but you decide your own pace.

This is the best value on-line career coaching programme I have found.

When would you like to accelerate your own career success?

Caroline is an international career and leadership coach. She is an Accredited Master Executive Coach with the Association of Coaching, and has worked with many FTSE 500 organisations at the most senior levels over the last 15 years.

In her corporate career Caroline progressed through the ranks from a junior manager to executive board director, in a variety of roles and industries. She combines this experience with a passion for developing clients to their full potential. 

Caroline has a supportive but challenging, energetic and creative coaching style and goal oriented approach. This helps clients to gain absolute clarity about their objectives and action required, enabling them to manage new challenges that face them more confidently. 

Caroline genuinely cares about the potential and development of the people she supports. She uses a variety of supporting tools, and as an NLP master practitioner, she is able to assist her clients to identify the key changes and behaviours required to successfully achieve stretching goals.

Quest Curriculum

  • 11 Levels
  • Coaching By Caroline
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01

    Building the Foundation

    Level 1 helps you find your motivation, develop a plan and establish some support.

  • Level 02

    Identify you values

    With Level 2, you will pinpoint and prioritize your values.

  • Level 03

    Starting your career values grid

    Level 3 guides you through the start of your Career Grid.

  • Level 04

    Identify different roles

    Level 4 will provide a space for you to identify different roles you may want to pursue.

  • Level 05

    Thinking outside the box!

    Level 5 is a time for you to build upon your ideas and add more potential roles.

  • Level 06

    The fun research!

    In Level 6, the research begins.

  • Level 07

    Be clear on your ideal role

    Level 7 aids you in defining your ideal role and creating a communication plan.

  • Level 08

    Building your confidence

    In Level 8, I will help you build up your confidence and let go of doubts.

  • Level 09

    Action and success!

    Get ready to take some action in Level 9 through your action plan.

  • Level 10

    Securing that ideal role!

    It’s time to lock down your desired role in Level 10.

  • Level 11

    Ensuring your values are met!

    Level 11 will help you make sure your values are met in your new or existing role.

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Success Stories

  • Sue White, Retail Centre Manager

    Excited about my new job!

    "I can honestly say that coaching has enabled me to grow as an individual, eventually work towards getting my life balanced and all because I now know what my own personal values are and what I will and won't compromise on.I now have a job I wanted and I am excited about starting later this week. Thank you for your very professional help."

  • A.L. H.R. Director

    Quicker results!

    "Caroline Montagu is a versatile, warm and highly professional coach. Her unwavering support has undoubtedly helped my major career change to become a reality far more quickly than I could have done it alone, and I recommend her unreservedly."

  • H.F. Sales Manager, London

    Achieving my goals!

    "At the greatest crossroads and most beleaguered period of my life, Caroline Montagu's skills empowered me to entirely restore my own confidence. By meticulously detailing my position and familiarising my strengths, I identified a series of goals. I then put strategies in place to achieve these goals in all elements of my life. My recent achievements have been the most fulfilling; furthermore, with understanding and reasoned belief in myself, I will continue to achieve my goals."

  • YC, Research Director, London

    Realise new ambitions!

    "Caroline's very enabling approach offered insight, inspiration and practical support when I was at the lowest point of my career.The techniques used to set goals and identify the concrete steps to achieve them proved invaluable in restoring my sense of personal power and my potential to realise new ambitions."

  • JL Project Manager

    No longer stuck!

    "“I have just completed your on-line Career Quest programme. I had been stuck in a job not knowing what to do next. I followed the course and it helped me understand why I was unhappy and got clear on what kind of role I needed next. The course supported me in finding the best job for me in the best organisation. Along the way I also realised that I had to make some changes to the way I managed my work/life balance which has really helped. Thank you for a great course!'"

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    Monthly subscription

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    Per month + 1:1 coaching

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